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We continuously monitor the status of DGL PM Online. If there are any interruptions to service, an update will be posted here.

Service interruptions will vary in size and complexity, from localised events which affect a few customers, to large scale events which will impact many. We can’t plan for everything, but we will always do our best to correct issues as quickly as possible through our dedicated team of software technicians.

Service Status Description
DGL PM Online - Customergroup 10 Closed - 09:45 19/07/19 09:45 - The issue has now been resolved. 09:20 - We are aware of and are investigating as our top priority an issue that is temporarily preventing access to letters.
DGL PM Online - Customergroups 1 - 9 Resolved 12/07/19 The speed issue that was being worked on for some time has now been resolved. 10:45 04/07/19 - A fix was applied last night on Customergroups 1 - 5 and after contacting customers on the Server the fix appears to have been successful. The remaining Servers are scheduled to have the fix deployed this evening to resolve the issue. 12:00 02/07/19 - We are aware of an ongoing performance issue that has been affecting the servers that have been migrated to our new supplier. Investigative work is continuing while our server team attempt to diagnose the root cause of this issue.